Cerrigydrudion Cottages

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About Us

We came to Wales for a year in 1985 and we are still here! As it’s such a wonderful place, we decided to share it with others, so in 2009 we converted our coal shed (Cwt Glo) and transformed it into a beautiful cottage. Things went so well that we decided to turn the stable into a holiday cottage too!! (Y Stabl). Both are 4 star properties. We enjoy meeting people and doing our utmost to ensure they have a good holiday, regardless of the weather! Both cottages are in our grounds and we are usually close at hand to offer assistance in whatever way we can.

The mountains of Snowdonia drew us to Wales initially and over the years we have worn out many pairs of walking boots!! We also enjoy walking in the forests which are right on our doorstep and there are numerous trails to follow.

Cycling is another of our interests and we are happy to offer advice to any cyclists who come here. There are many hills here but there are also routes around the reservoirs which are flat and traffic free. In 2010 we took a few months off and cycled the Trans America route 76 from The Pacific to The Atlantic so we consider ourselves quite experienced cyclists!!

We offer a very warm welcome to all our visitors!

Mary and Dermot

Mary & Dermot